Gecko Pendant Light

Lightning Design Focus: Gecko Pendant Light

A Good Lightning design example, the Gecko is a creative Pendant Light design. Gecko was designed in 2009, and here is a how it is described by its designer: The Gecko lamp changes color in and out: Each pack contains 3 plates giving 6 color combinat <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ihearty Biomedical Device

Ettore Giordano & Biocubica Illustrates The Ihearty Biomedical Device

Ettore Giordano & Biocubica, the maker of the highlighted project Biomedical Device by Ettore Giordano & Biocubica explicates, iHearty, is the cover that save your heart. Everyday people spend a lot of time in touch with their smartphone, col <Cropped>

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Book by Jiayi Lu and Han Liu

Jiayi Lu and Han Liu Portrays The 3rd Art Festival, Bfsu Book

Jiayi Lu and Han Liu, the project leader of the award winning project Book by Jiayi Lu and Han Liu explains, The book is a Collection of Painting & Calligraphy of the 3rd Art Festival, BFSU. The art style of the school's students is shown. T <Cropped>

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Staircase by Roberto Rossi

Roberto Rossi Demonstrates The Whale Skeleton Staircase

Roberto Rossi, the maker of the displayed design WHALE SKELETON by Roberto Rossi demonstrates, The whale skeleton staircase demonstrates the ability of the design to draw on biological forms in nature. This staircase stands out the uniqueness of the <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by U Visual

U Visual Demonstrates The Taiwan Black Tofu Brand Design Corporate Identity

U VISUAL , the creative mind behind the awarded design U VISUAL 's Taiwan Black Tofu Brand Design Corporate Identity explains, In updating the shop’s brand identity, the essence of the local culture it embodies was extracted and injected into <Cropped>

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Healthie by Jure Kožuh

Jure Kožuh Illustrates The Healthie Bio Superfoods Packaging

Jure Kožuh, the thinktank behind the award winning project Bio Superfoods Packaging by Jure Kožuh spells out, The goal of the project was to develop a new brand of bio superfoods of a high price range. The development of the brand name was followed <Cropped>

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The Next Designer of The Year

Your Chance to Compete For The Designer of The Year Title Is Here, Enter The Awards This Year to Prove Good Design

A' Design Awards is a premier design competition that honours the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios, brands and design oriented companies worldwide. Held in Como, Italy, the juried competition is awarded annually in a wide ra <Cropped>

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Lighting Structure by Michal Maciej Bartosik

Michal Maciej Bartosik Exhibits The Tensegrity Space Frame Light Lighting Structure

Michal Maciej Bartosik, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning Tensegrity Space Frame Light Lighting Structure illustrates, The Tensegrity space frame light utilizes R.B.Fuller's principle of 'Less for more' to produce <Cropped>

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Sensor Trash Can by Upella

Upella Shows The Luna Sensor Trash Can Sensor Trash Can

Upella, the creator of the highlighted project Luna Sensor Trash Can - Sensor Trash Can by Upella explicates, Luna is a sensor trash can with stainless steel surface, the glossy finish of which is inspired by the light of the moon. Using a sensor-con <Cropped>

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Next Generation Dispenser

New Packaging Design Contest On a Global Packaging Leader in The Dispensing Technologies Invites You to Design a New Actuator For Aerosol Packaging With a Focus On On-shelf/On-line Style, Environmental Sustainability and User

New packaging design contest on a global packaging leader in the dispensing technologies invites you to design a new actuator for aerosol packaging with a focus on on-shelf / on-line style, environmental sustainability and user experience <Cropped>

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